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Here are selections of testimonials showing how different clients have benefited from using the EYE ON THE ICE system.






I have been using the EYE ON THE ICE system for several years now. I consider the EYE ON THE ICE system to be our "life line" when we are doing the NHL outdoor games. We rely heavily on the information (air temperature/humidity/dew point, ice temperature, and supply/return temperature readings) that are readily available from our computer and directly from our phones. It has been absolutely critical to have the alarms setup at all times so we can be proactive when we are onsite and react quickly to issues that come up when we are offsite. I have used the graphing capability in the software to complete reports based on our testing of new products for use within the NHL. In addition, to comparing information from past games to help our ice crew prepare for upcoming games. I would highly recommend this system to any building or any ice maker looking to improve ice conditions and looking to benefit from everything this system has to offer.


Mike Craig

Senior Manager Facilities Operations, Hockey Operations

National Hockey League

The EYE ON THE ICE system was a major factor in my success at the 2010 Games as the Chief Ice maker for Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating. The ability to monitor two Practice Venues and the main competition venue Pacific Coliseum was incredible. Staying ahead of the changing conditions and dependable knowledge our venues were able to provide the best possible environment for these World Class athletes to perform. The EYE ON THE ICE is so easy to install whether it be a new sheet of ice or into an existing surface and the software is very user-friendly. The reporting tools proved to be invaluable as I was able to run reports and graphs for the technical delegates from the International Skating Union (ISU) providing accurate and accountable data proving our venues were fair and safe for all competitors.

I cannot imagine doing another event without the EYE ON THE ICE system on my team. Thank you for developing this system for all ice makers that want to ensure the best possible conditions and results.


Kameron Kiland

Calgary Olympic Oval – Director

Vancouver 2010 – Chief Ice Maker

With EYE ON THE ICE I can go on to a laptop now and find out what’s happening in Washington. I could be sitting at your desk and ask, which building would you like to look at? EYE ON THE ICE stays active, even when the ice sheet is covered.


Dan Craig

Senior Director of Facilities Operations, Hockey Operations

National Hockey League

The EYE ON THE ICE system is an essential tool for any ice maker aspiring to European, World or Olympic level ice making. The system provides real time information accurately and in a format that is easy to understand and interpret.
In short an essential piece of technology that every ice maker should have as part of his equipment.


Mark Callan

Deputy Chief Ice Technician

Sochi 2014 Olympics

I have been using the EYE ON THE ICE system at the MTS Centre since the return of the Winnipeg Jets to the NHL. I have several temperature probes setup in the ice that provide me with precise temperature readings 24/7. By having ice readings directly in the ice I even know the temperature of the ice when it is covered during a concert or other events. I have humidity probes setup just inside the glass allowing me to know air temperature and humidity directly above the ice surface. In addition, to two temperature probes setup in the plant room recording supply/return temps. With all of this information it allows me to graph all of the data and how it relates to each other (supply/return temps, ice temp, air temp/humidity throughout the building). Therefore, I can ensure NHL quality ice and save money at the same time by monitoring the use of compressors throughout the day.


I realized the benefits of having the EYE ON THE ICE system on the first day I used it; when the alarms let me know that I had a failing cooling tower. This allowed me to start addressing the problem immediately before any damage was done. The customer service has been excellent; anytime I have a question it is answered right away. I love being able to place transmitters to gather information essentially anywhere in the building, and being able to "see" my building on my phone wherever I am. I can see any hockey arena benefiting from using the EYE ON THE ICE system from a smaller community rink up to a large arena.


Derek King

Chief Engineer & Manager, Ice Operations

MTS Centre

With being in a large multiplex with 2 other hockey rinks temperature control can be a challenge. But with the continues temperature monitoring I have been able to give our curlers more constant temperatures and playing conditions. The EYE ON THE ICE system also offers a lot peace of mind with the 24/7 alarms which have saved me and my paint job on a couple of occasions.


James Treloar

Assistant Ice Technician

Brandon Curling Club 

When we purchased the EYE ON THE ICE system the install was really easy.  We placed the transmitters in the boards, and drilled holes through the boards to run our sensors out on the concrete.  We have received excellent customer service and setup of the computer software was rather easy to setup.  We have found that using the system is a great way to save money and have a consistent sheet of ice.


Ron Baase
Plymouth Cultural Center And Ice Arena
Facility Operations And Ice Arena Manager
Certified Ice Technician, United States Figure Skating Ice Technician

The great thing about the EYE ON THE ICE system is that you can use it not only when the ice is in; it just makes sense. The system is everything I was looking for in a monitoring system and more. It shouldn’t be called EYE ON THE ICE it should be called EYE ON THE BUIDING because it covers everything!

I can see this becoming a standard system for all arenas.

Andrew Nash

EnCana Events Centre
Assistant General Manager / Director of Operations 

Having the EYE ON THE ICE system installed in the venue made it possible for the ice technicians and building systems team to manage the environmental conditions much more actively and accurately than we would have been able to with the base building atmospheric and refrigerated slab sensors alone. In particular, it was very valuable to have the ability to monitor the ice temperature so close to the ice surface when the impact of the air temperature and humidity varied so quickly with the movement of 5,000 spectators in and out three times a day.

Having the EYE ON THE ICE made it possible to deliver a Field of Play that allowed the curling athletes every opportunity to have their best performance.


Scott Groves

Project Manager, Venue Construction & Venue Engineer,Building Operations

Vancouver Olympic Centre / Vancouver Paralympic Centre (Curling & Wheelchair Curling Venue)