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Ice Consulting International
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Ice Consulting International - What We Do

What can Ice Consulting International do for you? ICI can be an independent consultant when you build a new recreation facility, curling club, retrofitting an existing facility. ICI can also provide input when dealing with legal matters such as mechanical breakdowns or tenants suing your building.

Ice Consulting International can balance air handling systems and direct air flows in large facilities, write facility deficiency reports, as well as conduct water tests and lighting inspections. Not only can ICI do inspections, but we also install water systems, energy conservation systems, and infrared computer sensors to monitor ice temperatures. If your facility is in need of funding ICI can also provide expertise with grant applications.

We don't stop there... Ice Consulting International will run an entire event including the ice installation, assisting a host committee in the planning of a large event, or even teach a course on ice installation. Keep in mind that all of this can be done anywhere in the world.

If you choose to run your own event, ICI can give you expert advise in choosing curling rocks, curling equipment, ice making equipment, or repair an old set of curling rocks to professional form. Remember, whatever problem is encountered in your facility, big or small, ICI will handle them all.


When the need arises, products that are not available on the market, are invented by the ICI team. Current inventions to date are pebble heads, ice scraper blades, circle cutters, and working with Eye on the Ice Inc. to develop the Eye on the Ice wireless enivronmental monitoring system.


Circle Cutter- Invented by Hans Wuthrich